I've never been a shoe person, to tell you the truth. As a child, I used to hate going shoe shopping with a passion! My mom would have to literally drag me into a store while I wailed and screamed. Today I'm a bit better at it, and I'm proud to say I haven't had a shoe shopping fit since I was about 12! :D But I still don't seek out shoes by myself, they just sort of find me. Though I do browse shoe stores, I'm never looking for something specific, I hate that. I prefer it when I spot things and they just jump out at me (not that I've ever had a shoe running after me yelling 'I CHOOSE YOU!' It's more like they sit there, I spot them, hug them tightly to my chest and whisper 'Let me love you!!' with tears in my eyes.) So this is what happened the last time I went into a shoe store: I saw sparkle. Silver sparkle. And lots of it. And the rest is history.

Except that I now have completely torn feet full of blisters. Literally, they hurt my feet SO much... The first time I wore them, I had them on for about ten minutes, I made three steps in them and my feet were bleeding. They still hurt, it seems like I just can't break these shoes in!

But will that stop me? Umm yeah, probably. Though I still love these loafers covered in silver sequins which I got for just 10€ in Deichmann (don't hate on that store people).