During the time I wasn't posting, I emptied out quite a few beauty products, but today I'm only showing you six. That is because most of the others were shampoos and I was thinking about doing a separate comparision post on them, where I would tell you which one would be best suited for you. I have about 4 shampoos and conditioners to show you. Would you like that? :)

Now here are the short and sweet reviews of some of the things I emptied out in the last two months (most of these were done with back in Jan & Feb)!

Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Brasilian Coffee Shower Cream - Oh, my Yves Rocher. :( Just found out it's opening again in Slovenia though, yay! Apparently only the owners changed. So you can still visit the stores, but I won't be there, heh. This shower cream was really great for the colder months (I used it up a while ago), because it's very thick and creamy, and it also lathers up quite nicely. If you're a coffee lover, this is an absolute must-buy, and even I, who rarely drinks coffee, love it! It's really strongly coffee scented and really wakes you up in the morning. Would recommend. The cost is around 3€.

Schauma Cotton Fresh Dry Shampoo - This is my favourite shampoo I've tried so far on the market. It smells really nice and fresh, exactly like freshly washed linen. I love the scent, but I love the effect more - it really does what it's supposed to and takes all the greasiness away from my hair when applied. I don't use it too regularly (I know some girls use dry shampoo as a volumizer), but I did just today! It's perfect for when you're running late. The only thing I wish for is that it wouldn't leave such a white residue, so I'm still looking for something a bit better... Price is really affordable though, around 3€.

Lee Stafford Arganoil Deep Nourishing Treatment* - I did a review on this hair range quite a few months ago, and this was my favourite product out of all the things I mentioned. This mask is supreme, the quality is amazing. It actually makes a difference to the hair, makes them a lot softer and way more managable. I really liked it and I think I will repurchase it. If you have dry or damaged hair, I would strongly recommend it. The instructions say to use it for a week straight (or more, if you don't wash your hair too often) and then apply as needed. You should notice the difference pretty soon. Strongly recommend!

Bioderma H2O Micellar Solution - Finally got my hands on this super hyped-up product and ... Okay, I know I'm going to get some haters here, but I just didn't love it! It really irritated my eyes and didn't take off waterproof makeup at all. So I did use it up, but I will not be repurchasing it. And I don't even have sensitive eyes! If you're interested, I can do a comparision post, because I have now tried about four micellar solutions and have chosen my favourite. Tell me if you'd be interested in that in the comments! :)

Massimo Dutti Ginseng & Tangerine Candle - I didn't even know that Massimo Dutti, a really nice European clothing brand, made candles, but my mom got this as a gift a while ago, and passed it on to me. I personally really loved it because of the nice and simple modernistic design, and I also really liked the smell. This candle is perfect if you want to burn something in the spring and summer, because it's so fresh and citrusy (with a ginger-y pang). It's also really soothing in my opinion, I found myself relaxing considerably when I had this lit. I would repurchase, but I'm not sure about the price, or if they're even available in stores (couldn't find any information about their candles online).

The Body Shop Choco Mania Shower Gel - Well, I'm a sucker for anything chocolate-y, and this is no different. I bought most of the Choco Mania collection back in December, when I was in Munich, and this was the first thing I used up. If you like chocolate, hit up your local TBS, but I'm warning you - this is indeed a chocolate smell, not so sweet and sugary as you might expect, but instead very rich and almost a bit bitter. But I personally adore the scent. Also really liked the creaminess and the way this lathered up nicely. Would definitely repurchase for the price of 7€ (quite pricey, but I think it's worth it), but I think this was a limited edition, no?

And that's it! Stay tuned for the shampoo comparision post, if you're interested! :)

*Product was sent to me for review purposes.