Today I'll be talking about one of my favourite drugstore brands that you can get in Slovenia, Balea. It is a brand of the local drugstore, DrogerieMarkt, and I know for sure that you can also get it in Austria and Germany, as well as several different European countries. If it isn't available where you live, I'm so sorry! :( But you could always do a swap or get it on one of your travels... But I will have many more Brand Spotlights coming with different brands that are more widely available.

I gathered a few of my favourites from this brand and today I want to talk to you about them. All in all, this brand is one of my favourites, not only because it is so inexpensive, but also because the products are genuinely good and really do what they say. Their specialty are definitely the amazing scents, which is one of the main resons I love this brand. I would strongly recommend them, especially the ones mentioned here today.

Balea Fig & Chocolate Shower Gel and Body Lotion - I got this shower gel a few months ago, and it is a limited edition, so I do hope it's still available for you to get. The lotion was given to me by lovely fellow blogger Ivana, and I am still so grateful for it. Why do I like it so much? It smells AH-mazing. At first I thought this combination sounded kind of gross, but it's actually great together. To me, it smells more like sour cherries than it does figs, but oh well. There is a certain tartness to the smell, mixed with the sweet scent of chocolate, that makes it the perfect sweet-and-sour combination. A scent that I love, and would even buy a perfume of, if it was available. Both of the products work great as well, they shower gel lathers up very nicely and the body lotion is quite creamy.

Balea Shea Butter & Argan Oil Hand Cream - Another great Balea product. What I love the most about the hand cream is the fact that it has a pump, which comes in really handy! That is actually the reason I bought this product, but I love it for more than just the convenience. It also smells really really wonderful, and it is the perfect amount of moisture for the hands. It's not greasy at all, but instead it absorbs quite quickly and leaves your hands smooth and soft. My mom also has this and loves it, and if I can judge from her nightstand, I know that this has quite a few limited edition. She had both the vanilla and the raspberry one (I'm SO upset I missed those two!) and currently they have another one in store, which is called something like Dark Glamour. And it smells very nice, but quite perfume-y, which I don't like that much, since I'm just staying at home.

Balea Lemongrass & Mint Foot Butter and Foot Deodorant - Okay, okay, I know this is kind of gross, but people, we NEED to talk about this. :D Feet are very important! Summer is coming and I do not want to see untended feet in sandals, so shape up (I should really take my own advice)! I love the smell of these two products again, because here it's quite important. When we're talking about feet, my friend, we need a refreshing scent. Which is exactly what this is. So it's perfect for refreshing your feet and shoes with the deodorant, and the foot butter (disgusting name, I know) is a really amazing product. The smell is so fresh, and the product is perfect for making your feet softer. It doesn't really sink in right away, because it is very rich... But I would still recommend it, because it definitely makes a difference.

Balea Shampoo for Every Day in Raspberry Scent - You guys, this smell is amazing. Yeah yeah, I know I've said this about every product so far, but this really is the best one! The fresh and tart, slightly sour, but still sweet raspberries are wonderful, and the shampoo is great as well. You can use it on an everyday basis and I find that it does a really great job of clarifying the hair. Too bad they don't have more products with this scent, like a shower gel and a conditioner... Maybe in the future, eh? (Trying to sound Canadian there, but I fail like the fool that I am.)

Balea Shower Gel Sweet Wonderland - Yeah, I know I've already mentioned this, but it NEEDS to be mentioned again. Because I think some of you didn't actually jump out of your chair and run out to buy it, and that is BLASPHEMOUS! Because you really do need it. Like yesterday. So again, chocolate pudding-y goodness and amazing creaminess AND bubbles! A must-buy, and it costs something like 1€! Get it OR ELSE! (I will post about this until everyone gets it!! Be afraid, be very afraid!)

Do you like this new series I just started with this post? I thought I could do one on Gliss Kur, Alverde, L'Oréal, Maybelline, MAC... It could be really interesting, so let me know if you'd like to see more. :) By the way, sorry for the long and rambly post! ^^''