A re-telling of Hansel and Gretel, Sweetly starts of with a young girl disappearing from the woods while exploring with her twin sister and brother. Their story? A witch took her. It's more than ten years later, and the remaining siblings are thrown out of their home by their stepmother after both their parents die, leaving them with a car that breaks down close to the sleepy, almost deserted town of Live Oak. The siblings end up at a chocolatier, living with a beautiful young woman, Sophia, who charms them with her chocolates and her happy attidute. But Gretchen still fears the witch that took her sister...

This is the second novel in the author's Fairytale Retellings series. I loved this book from the beginning. I would recommend reading the first novel, Sisters Red first, though it isn't necessary. I just like how it all ties in together. 

This is my second book from the author, and I can really see how her writing evolved. If Sisters Red was great, this was amazing. She weaves the story in such mysterious ways, you just cannot stop reading and keep turning page after page right to the end. It's amazing how a person can create a world using words, but everything on these pages came alive in front of me. The characters and the places are so vivid, they're just begging to take advantage of your imagination and manifest in it. 

The beautiful writing, the amazing characters and the haunting, mysterious story, are many, but not all of the attributes of this beautiful book. It reminds me of the chocolate covered lemons that are mentioned in the book – so sweet and delicate to look at, but when you bite into them, a certain sourness comes through. Which is exactly what can be said with this novel, which mixes sweetness and goriness all within the same page. 

I would recommend this to anyone really, especially readers who have liked this author in the past and people who like mysterious reads. I do have to say I was going to give this book 4 stars right up to the end, because I had a problem with it that I've had with Sisters Red before (I gave that one 4 stars, but I still loved it so much, it ended up as one of my favourites). The conclusion was just not what I was hoping it would be, there wasn't an element of surprise, it was all very expected. Which does take off a star for me, but does not take away from the greatness that is this book. HOWEVER! The book ended with an awesome twist that reminded me of biting into a chocolate covered almond – you get that unexpected crunch that makes it all the more special (notice all of my chocolate-y associations? Yeah, it's basically because I've been craving something sweet ever since reading this novel). All in all, an amazing, five-star read that you need to pick up ASAP. :)