Skirt, vitage, Faux leather vest, H&M, Pussybow sleeveless blouse, H&M

Well, I haven't posted an outfit of the day in ages, and really wanted to do one today, but it's freaking windy outside! So here is a little photo of what I wore today just shot in my room, it's not even a proper OOTD, but well, I thought it was better than nothing, since I really liked what I was wearing!

I've recently been really into vintage shopping and I never knew we had such a cool vintage community here in Slovenia. Now I don't want to go back. Tell me in the comments if you'd be interested in a post about my favourite vintage stores in Ljubljana (if you don't live here, maybe it'll come in handy when you travel ^_^). 

I promise I'll post a real outfit as soon as the weather gets a bit better, but until then, I hope this will do!