A little favourites post for you today. Not very many things, but all of them I'm just crazy about and have been using them on an everyday basis!

Garnier Ultra Doux Purifying Shampoo & Light Cream Conditioner with Soft Clay and Citron Extract - Lovely products! I'm new to this line of Garnier and was excited to hear that it does not contain silicones. Now please don't ask me why that's good, because I don't know FRICK about ingredients, but I've heard it's good to go silicone free. So there. The products smell lovely, really fresh and clean, and they literally leave my hair squeaky clean. If you don't like that feeling, I would steer clear of this shampoo if I were you!

YSL Touche Éclat Foundation - Got this from my lovely friend Isa, and I love it! It gives the skin a really fresh, but not too dewy finish (I have oily skin and it looks great, if I do say so myself!), the colour is a perfect match for me as well. The packaging is gorgeous as well - so luxurious! By the way, if you want a cheaper version, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is really, really similar. I myself will be buying the Bourjois foundation instead of this one, because it's just too darn expensive!

Balea Young Sweet Wonderland - Dear lord! Do you like chocolate pudding, my dear reader? Oh, you do? What a coincidence, oh wait, no it isn't, because who doesn't freaking love chocolate pudding. And if you do, GO BUY THIS NOW. It smells exactly like it, soooo yummy! The scent doesn't linger on the skin too long unfortunately, but I love it nonetheless. I literally can't wait to take a shower! Yummm.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Pudgy Peony - This is honestly my favourite lip product, ever. Ever. EVAAAAAAAH! I'm telling you, go out and get one of these now! They're amazing - give great payoff, don't rub off too fast, aren't sticky in the slightest, have just the right amount of shine... J'adore! This colour is a vibrant pink that I love for everyday, it gives a really nice awake look to the face. It's quite expensive, for me at least, but I don't even mind.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette - Another one of my (new) all-time favourites. I've had one eye palette before but this one is freaking amazing. I have really hooded eyes, so I can't experiment with eyeshadow too much, but I find that matte eyeshadows give really nice definition to my eyes. This palette is perfect! All but one shade are matte, and the shimmery one makes a great highlight for my browbone. I can do a review if you'd like (let me know).

Miss Dior Chérie Perfume - Ahh, maybe you remember this little guy from one of my first posts on this blog. This perfume has always been a favourite of mine, but it's really expensive, so I never got around to getting it. Then I got this mini in a present from my parents, and I only just started using it. LOVE!!!!1 I wanna bathe in this perfume, I wanna marry it... I mean um, yeah... It's uhmmm... Nice... I'm normal, I promise. By the way, this is the new version. It's very citrusy but still sweet, my favourite combination! Love the hint of jasmine too.

MAC Sakura Blush - Gorgeous blush from quite an old collection... Has been my firm favourite for a while, because it's the most unique out of all of my blushes. It mixes two colors: a bright and vibrant fuchsia and a calm lavender color, to make the most gorgeous combo everrrr. Too bad it's limited edition, I feel quite bad showing it to you, but if you have any CCO's around, look for it!

Well, that was a short and sweet favourites post. Maybe not very interesting, but all of these are things I genuinely like and will continue purchasing! Hope you enjoyed.