So yes, a purchase that was most definitely not needed, but ended up in my bag nonetheless. What's my excuse? This stuff is so inexpensive, I spent only about 20€! That good enough? No? Well... I don't care, I smell like raspberries! :3

So as you can see I got a lot of Balea products, including two limited edition body products, a cream and a body mousse. They are described as Sunny Peach and Raspberry and I can't wait to try them! Also got a mango scented Nourishing Hair Milk by Balea, as well as some Beach Hair Spray by got2b, some Balea raspberry shampoo which I've mentioned already, a Balea makeup remover and an Essence lip cream (which I love).

Stay tuned to see if any of these products make it into my favourites! What did you buy lately? :)