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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cake, oh glorious cake.


So here is my first recipe on this blog :) I made a flourless chocolate cake for our half year anniversary. It was super easy and the cake is really rich and moist in the center, while the outside is very chewy. I really liked it and now I can't wait to try more recipes.

Here's what you'll need...
  • 1 1/2 cups of sugar
  • 6 eggs
  • one pinch of salt
  • 200 g of butter
  • 350 grams of dark chocolate
  • cocoa or confectioner's sugar for dusting the cake

First, you have to melt the butter and chocolate in a water bath (I hope that's the right expression). Basically you bring a pot of water to a boil, and put a heatproof bowl with the broken up chocolate, salt and butter over it. Then you stir until it all melts. In a separate bowl, mix eggs and sugar until combined and light. Wait for the chocolate and butter to cool (otherwise you risk cooking the eggs!), then pour it in the egg mixture. And that's your batter! Pour it in a cake pan of your choice - I used one with a 27 cm diameter - and bake at around 160° Celsius for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. To test if the cake is ready, put a tooth pick in the center and if it comes out clean, your cake is done. If it's wet, you need to bake it for a while longer. Oh, and don't worry if your cake cracks on top, it's perfectly normal for this recipe. After you take the cake out and cool it, take a sifter and dust a layer of cocoa or sugar over the top. Yum!

I think this would also make a grat batter for brownies because it's very rich and moist (how many times have I said that now?) You could just add some nuts :)

Hope you liked my super simple recipe. Next week I'm making a carrot cake for the boy's birthday! :)

P.S. As mentioned in my previous post, the boy has started writing a blog. Please check it out here: http://aguysmindslo.blogspot.com/ And keep an eye out for my guest posts! ^^

Friday, February 8, 2013

Aaaaand now I'm broke.

For the past few months, I've been so good. I managed to save up some money, and I didn't impulse buy at all. Then came a really bad day and I said to myself, Oh, I'll just get myself a couple of Revlon lip butters to cheer myself up a bit. And then...

From left to right: La Roche Posay Micellar Water, Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair range, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, Revlon Lip Butters in Sweet Tart and Lollipop, Essence nail polish in Crazy in Love and China Glaze in Touch of glamour

This happened. Okay, okay, I have an excuse! I desperately needed a new makeup remover, as well as a new foundation and shampoo and conditioner. The rest of it? I don't know, man, it just ended up in my basket...

Now I have a few questions for you, my dear readers :) First of all, would you be interested in a micellar water comparision/review? I could do one right now, or wait till I try a few more, your call. Another question is, would you be interested in a current favourites - lip product edition - post? It's a bit late for January favourites and all of them would be lip products anyway, so I thought I'd just do a little round up of lipsticks I've been using and loving lately. :)

In other news (I always use this phrase, haha), I finally got a new phone and with it, INSTAGRAM! Yes, I used to be one of those people who hated that, but I have since swallowed my pride and made an account. My username is nthnfncyrlly, feel free to follow me for daily updates. ^^

In FURTHER other news, my blogging has somehow rubbed off on my boyfriend, and he has decided to write a blog of his own! It will be a lifestyle blog with movie and game reviews and lots of food! I might even guest post there with some of my favourite recipes. Link to follow in my next post. :)

Have a lovely day my dears!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lee Stafford Argan Oil range

From left to right: Deep Nourishing Treatment, Nourishing Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner, Miracle Heat Defense Spray, Nourishing Miracle Oil

You've seen these products in my haul ages ago, today I have the review for you - FINALLY! Lee Stafford is an English hair dresser, who launched hiw own (award-winning!) hair products range in 2001. His latest endeavour into the hair world is a range made of Argan Oil. With the whole craze about oils going on right now, this is the perfect line to try. :) It's available in many stores, if you're from Slovenia, you can find it in DM (Drogerie Markt)!

The first product I'll be reviewing today is the Deep Nourishing Treatment. This is a mask that you're supposed to use every day until the condition of your hair improves, than you use it about once a week to maintain it. I have to say this was my absolute favourite product out of the bunch and my favourite hair mask I've ever used. After applying it and drying my hair, it was insanely soft to the touch and really shiny as well (I have one use left and I'm saving it for a special occasion, haha). I would definitely recommend this to everyone, it seems like it would work on all hair types, and if yours is as damaged as mine, you will see a dramatic difference. So double thumbs up for this one!

Next we have the Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner. As you can see, I only have about two uses out of these left, I've been using them for the past month and I really love them as well. The shampoo really cleanses my hair and removes all product buildup, and I love the effect the conditioner has on my hair, it's similar to the mask - not to the same extent, but it really makes my hair soft.

On the last photo you can see the Miracle Heat Defense Spray. I use this everytime I blow-dry my hair or if I continue with any hot tools. It's a really nice product and a little goes a long way, you can see how much I've used and I've been using it for a month! As far as results go, it's nothing visible, but it really does protect my hair from the heat. I feel like it's not as stringy and straw-like to the touch, so this definitely does its job. Lastly, we have the Nourishing Miracle Oil, which is my second favourite product. Again, you only need the littlest bit to do its job (I actually use about two pumps, but it still looks unused!). It really helps the appearance of dry hair and combats frizz wonderfully. My hair looks very nourished after I used this.

All in all, this was one of my favourite hair ranges that I have tried so far. I would truly recommend it to anyone and everyone, especially the oil and the mask, which I feel like are the miracle products!

*Products were sent to me for review.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

English Rose Cosmetics - Cocoa Body Butter review

I don't know about you, but winter affects my skin in the worst possible skin. Combine the cold outside with the heating inside, and you get a concoction that will eventually really dry out your skin. This is what I face every winter, and this year I finally decided to combat it. I find that the best way to do that is to use Body Butters. The real winner for me are cocoa body products, because they're very nourishing. In comes the English Rose Cosmetics Cocoa Ration Body Butter.

What they say:

Rose Recommends
Cocoa Butter - contains anti-oxidants which help prevent premature aging. 
Shea nut butter - to calm and moisture your skin, keeping it supple, smooth and looking gorgeous.
Avocado oil - naturally rich in Vitamins A, D & E to repair skin from climate damage.

What I say:

If you're looking for intensely moisturizing, very rich body butters which will replenish your skin and make it feel healthy and glowing, look no further. The skin on my legs was so dry it was cracking, and this reduced that after only a few uses. I'm really amazed at how little of this you need too - you can see how much I've used, and that has lasted me about 3 weeks! It also smells amazing, very rich but fresh at the same time. I love putting it on before going to sleep, the scent really soothes me.

I've also tried the body butter from the Chocomania line at The Body Shop. If you asked me to compare the two, I would definitely say I prefer the English Rose Cocoa Body Butter. This is because it's very natural, with no fuels, petroleum or paraffin in it. Also, it's so rich and moisturizing and very very thick, really the perfect solution for dry skin.

If you would like to get one of these amazing Body Butters, click here. If you'd like to check out the rest of the lovely line, inspired by all this vintage, go here.

*Product was sent to me for review.

UPDATE 20/12/2013: Product is now available for purchase on Amazon! Yay! Clickety click: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cocoa-Ration-Body-Butter-200ml/dp/B00FC2BEYW/ref=sr_1_1?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1387474166&sr=1-1 Also, Karin has improved the formula, so there are less waxy bits and the labels are now more durable as well. :)
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