ASOS recently sent me a code for 25% discount (I would have loved to share it with you, but it was only available to the recipients of the e-mail) so of course, being me, I had to order some lovely new things.

I don't know if it's just me, but I'm already busily planning my spring wardrobe. I really love winter, but this year I can't seem to wait for the cold to pass. Bring on the spring flowers and the warm sun!

Because of that, most of my purchases are for the upcoming season. I have to admit I've been completely pigging out lately and I've gained some weight, which is depressing me to no end. I hope to shed it by the time summer comes around, but until then this shift dress will be perfect for hiding my tummy! Also completely fell in love with the ASOS lace skater dress, the difference with this that I love is the fact that the skirt is quite structured, as opposed to the usual skater skirts which tend to be a bit flimsy. And last for clothing, I opted for a denim jacket. I do actually have another one from ASOS, but since my weight gain it just doesn't feel right and I've always wanted a lighter, more oversized fit. So I think this will be perfect. I also couldn't resist this little watch necklace when I saw it paired with the shift dress - darling! And it's actually from the men's section on ASOS. Last are these super cute ballet flats that actually remind me of ballerinas, they're just precious!

I am now super excited to get all this in the mail and have been stalking the postman for the past couple of days. Also got an order of books in the mail, and I love one of them so much (the cover, that is), that I just want to frame it. I'm a sucker for beautiful book covers, that I'll admit. :)