I promised you a review of Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Gioia fragrance for women. I have been coveting this perfume since it came out in March 2010, and when Cheap Smells had a sale including a 50 ml bottle of it, I just had to get it. 

Acqua di Gioia is a beautiful summery fragrance, perfect for the hot weather we've been having. The scent is light and refreshing, great for cooling down. 

The weird thing with this perfume is, I actually smell a note that's not even in it! The watermelon scent is really strong for me... Strange.

The perfume opens with strong top notes of Amalfi lemon and mint, which is a very refreshing combination, reminding me of a cold glass of lemonade, topped with mint leaves and a bunch of ice cubes. Then come the middle notes of jasmine, pink pepper and peony. You all know I love my white florals, and this is a beautiful and quite different mix, as it doesn't include the usual gardenia and tuberose, which are the most used white florals in perfumes. The pink pepper adds a tangy note to the whole concoction. And finally, we have the base notes of cedar, sugar and labdanum. The sugar is really strong here and I absolutely love the combination of sugar and citrus scents. I've discovered that that is definitely my favourite combination, sweet and citrus notes work amazingly well together!

The bottle of the perfume is described as very natural and reminiscent of a rain drop, with which I definitely agree. I love the simple bottle and it is really perfect for the scent that is contained inside.

All in all, Acqua di Gioia is a beautiful summer perfume with strong citrus and sugar notes. It's a scent that isn't difficult to like, so I think anyone would love it. Perfect if you need to buy a gift for someone, as the person you get it for is almost sure to adore it.