In my 2011 favourites, I did mention a few of my favourite nailpolishes from the year, but then I thought to myself that well, that just won't do! I consider myself a nailpolish junkie so briefly mentioning a couple of shades is NOT enough! I need to do a whole post on them. :)

I'm also posting this because I have a lot of new followers who hadn't been following my older blog, so you probably haven't seen all of my posts over there. There are some I'm actually quite proud of, so I decided to share some of the photos with you.

So, here they are, my favourite nailpolishes of 2011!

1. Orly Pure Porcelain
A beautiful nude shade, opaque with 2 coats. This nailpolish is really good quality and it is, in my opinion, the perfect nude!

2. OPI Tickle my France-y
Another one of my favourite nudes, this one is a bit darker than the previous one. I love the colour, it's sort of taupe/pink, really pretty. This is pretty sheer, I have to use 3-4 coats because I don't like my nailtips to be visible.

3. Orly Lollipop
A gorgeous lilac-y polish, perfect for spring in my opinion. Yes, I'm already preparing for spring, even though it's only January, haha. You can use only 1 coat if you're careful with application.

4. OPI Done out in deco
This is more grey in real life than on photos, really unique shade. Something between lavender and grey colour. 2 coats.

5. China Glaze Spontaneous
A gorgeous violet shade. Opaque with one coat if you apply it carefully.

6. Orly Bubbly Bombshell
Amazing purple glitter nailpolish, so in love with this! I had to apply 2-3 coats for perfect opacity. For removing glitters, I recommend the foil method. Here is a really great how-to by an amazing fellow blogger, Nihrida.

7. OPI Mod about you
My favourite nailpolish of all time, I'm sure you can see why. <3 It's the most perfect baby pink. I will admit that it's a nightmare to apply, it's soooo streaky. I used 3 coats.

8. Orly Everything's rosy
My go-to polish for everyday, I wear this all the time. It's the perfect dusky rose colour that just goes with everything. 1 coat if you're careful.

9. OPI Elephantastic Pink
Amazing bright pink colour, perfect for summer. 2 coats.

10. Orly Fancy Fuchsia
This is AMAZING, the perfect Barbie pink colour. It's almost neon, it's so bright. 1 coat if you're careful.

11. Essie Borrowed & Blue
I adore this colour, but everyone else hates it, haha. My dear mother's comment when she saw it on my nails was, 'Do you have the plague?' Lovely. It's a beautiful baby blue. Opaque with 2 coats.

And here is my favourite manicure from 2011, I did this ruffian in April and I'm still in love with it. Silver glitter and navy look so pretty together, like a starry night. <3

Looking over this post, I have to say the winning nailpolishes of the year are definitely from Orly. If you had asked me last year, I would've said OPI for sure, but Orly takes the cake this time. Their polishes are amazing quality, almost all are opaque with just one coat and they last a long time, too. But I do wish they were a little bit more creative with their names. :)

What were your favourite polishes in 2011?